Miami's Premier Steakhouse

A local landmark for over 38 years...

“Some things are so permanently fixed in your consciousness that they transcend trends and become institutions. In South Florida that includes eating at Christy's in Coral Gables.”

—South Florida Magazine

In a Class by Itself...

“When you enter Christy's, you are entering one of the finest dining establishments south of Manhattan.”

—The Smart Traveler

Service is nothing short of spectacular...

“Miami’s restaurateurs would do well to send their waitstaffs here for dinner so they can see how things are supposed to be done.”

—Miami New Times

At Christy’s, food, service are superb...

“Aside from the wonderful meat, one of the nice things about Christy's is consistency; year after year, the food is always good. The other is that you get your money's worth.”

—The Miami Herald

The best Caesar salad in the world... Zagat

“One of the most celebrated in town...”

—Miami New Times

A monster shrimp cocktail...

“The shrimp in the cocktail are the size of baby lobsters, and one cocktail is ample fora couple to enjoy. However, if you don't share it, it is more for you to savor. This is the best shrimp cocktail I have ever eaten, and the way I start my dining experience in Christy's.”

—The Smart Traveler

Beef is the true focus here...

“At Christy's, the finest corn-fed Midwestern beef, aged for several weeks, is used... The filet is so tender, the steak knife provided is barely necessary.”

—The Miami Herald

Christy's famous baked Alaska...

“Christy‘s version, billed as ‘for two’ but hefty enough for four, is classically prepared...and finished tableside, where the waiter pours a glass of cherry liqueur over the mound and ignites it in a crowd-pleasing show.”

—Miami New Times